Maximise your online sales with cost-effective, high-quality digital imaging solutions that will captivate your audience and drive your e-commerce business forward.

Shooting to sell

Compete in a fast-moving e-commerce market with pioneering image solutions that bring your products to life, inspire passion and, ultimately, persuade customers to purchase.
  • Scale and flexibility

    Create a solution that fits your business, whatever you’re shooting and however you work, thanks to the flexibility, breadth and scale we offer.

  • Reliable consultancy

    Increase customer satisfaction with expert advice tailored to your market and situation, alongside hands-on support as and when you need it.

  • Creativity that sells

    Stand out from the crowd with high-quality images that highlight product value, stimulate sales and reduce returns.

  • From capture to commerce at speed

    Accelerate shooting, post-production and publishing workflows to get stock from shoot to store in seconds.

  • Persuasive innovation

    Bring your products to life virtually so your customers have the confidence and the detail they need to buy any item online.

  • Workflows for every set-up

    We support businesses who use inhouse or automated workflow, with solutions that span from manual to fully automated, or somewhere in between. No matter what your workflow, we can keep you shooting.

  • Transform your e-commerce business with Canon

    Whatever your priorities, whatever your sector and whatever your setup, our expertise ensures we can translate every shot into sales.

    Tailored imaging solutions for any product line or volume

    Shooting cosmetics or cars? A single earring or a furniture suite? Are you a big brand with an even bigger inventory or a boutique with a bespoke range? We have the knowledge, the flexibility and the scalability to be the right partner for any business.

    Working in collaboration with the best ecommerce technology partners in the industry, we have the scale to create a tailored solution for every customer no matter what their sector or inventory.
    • Canon_B2B_Argos_Lifestyle_51.tif


      Capture every texture and intricate design feature with our cameras, and use the pictures to create 360 ° images, colour-accurate AR and other content that will boost customer engagement and deliver sales.

    • Canon_Argos_AFord_HIRES-61336.tif

      Jewellery and watches

      Accurately shoot the finest of detail for your customers, allowing them to explore your product from every angle – and do it all in-house with our integrated workflows, so your inventory can remain safe and secure on-site.

    • ITCG_B2B_Industry_Pre-motion


      Take super-consistent and accurate photos at speed, so you can quickly get your inventory online and off the forecourt, with images that your customers can trust – ensuring you stand out from the competition.

    • Canon_B2B_Argos_Lifestyle_46


      Stay flexible and adjust your workflow to accommodate shooting diverse product categories, encompassing various types and sizes.

    Canon definitely feels like an internal partner, rather than an external supplier. We work reactively but also proactively with Canon, leaning on them for advice and support.”

    Unleash your potential with Canon cameras and SDK

    When you combine the power of our camera technology with our flexible SDK, you can create content that captures your audience’s attention and drives sales.

    An approach as unique as your business

    Working with us is about more than finding the right equipment – discover imaging solutions tailored to your needs and designed to elevate your brand.

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